New cold-pressed dog food Mild

We are extremely happy to introduce our first Husse cold-pressed dog food - Mild🥳

Mild is a highly digestible recipe based on chicken and trout particularly suitable for dogs with very sensitive digestive systems and/or gluten intolerance. Made with a gentle cold-pressing process by using carefully selected, natural and wholesome ingredients of the highest quality. Without added colourants, flavourings or gluten.

🌱Gently pressed at a low temperature to help preserve natural flavours and essential nutrients.

🌱Easily digestible product - the pellets break down quickly and easily in the stomach which aids the digestion.

🌱The lower temperatures used in the cold-pressing process allow it to incorporate extra raw materials (such as fruits, vegetables and herbs) when creating recipes.

🌱Cold-pressed products have a higher density meaning less amount of food is needed per day.

Included fruits, vegetables and herbs:
- Carrot: rich in beta-carotene;
- Nettle: diuretic properties;
- Echinacea: helps support immunity;
- Mango: rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene;
- Plum: rich in antioxidants and fibre;
- Banana: rich in potassium;
- Thyme: source of essential fatty acids;
- Basil: rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, minerals and
- Apple: rich in pectin;
- Spirulina: rich in omega-3 fatty acids;
- Tomato: rich in antioxidants;
- Cranberry: help supports urinary tract.

Excellent taste comes from excellent ingredients!🥰

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