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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." — Steve Jobs
Marketing Director
Maria is the voice of Husse brand in Portsmouth. She spends hours to make our clients feel cared for and is happy to help you with any questions. It's her who is behind the social media icons. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free contact her.
Operation Director
Afanasy is our operational "Jedi". Everything related to replenishment to the warehouse, orders, delivery of products to customers, is his responsibility. And it's him who you will see when you get Husse's products.
Little India
Portuguese Water Dog
She is involved in all processes from receiving parcels to checking the taste of all Husse products! She especially enjoys testing various treats. Moreover, each batch of treats is tested by India. She's probably the happiest dog in England while testing to make sure the taste stays the same!

Maria said:

"No life is complete without a dog. That's what my parents thought, and that's pretty much what I think now. Back in 1990, when my whole family was living in a small apartment, my father decided that we must have a dog. And brought home a puppy ... A Saint Bernard! Just a week later he also brought
home a little black kitten. Four adults, three small children, a Saint Bernard puppy and a small kitten, all together in a 50 square meters space! It was the best time ever!

A year later we moved to a house with a big garden and it got roomier for everyone. That's when my dad decided we needed to make a mini farm. And one day my parents brought home about 300 little yellow chickens. Later they of course turned into big chickens, which needed to be fed, cleaned, and cared for. My mom was fed up with this kind of experience so my dad's future farming ideas were nipped in the bud.

One day my mom's friend asked us to keep a cat for a couple of months while she was renovating her apartment. And this cat ended up living with us for 13 years. At first the repairs were delayed, then she went away somewhere, and then somehow she "forgot" to take him back. Luckily, it was a great cat! A real Siberian white beauty.

Some of the cats were with us by chance, some were brought to us by my brother, and he begged my mother to let him keep them until he found new owners. Our life was full of different funny stories. We grew up with animals, and learned from them patience, respect, care, loyalty and giving lots of pure love! There is nothing like the joy of a dog meeting his owner after a separation. If you have an animal, you will never be alone!

So when I had my own family and child of my own, I was very happy to support the idea of getting a dog! That's how we got India."
"There is no such thing as an accident. What we call by that name is the effect of some cause which we do not see." - Voltaire

Afanasy said:

"I had a Newfoundland dog when I was a kid. It was my best friend! I never had a better dog. Maybe I remember him through rose tinted glasses, or maybe it was just a really cool dog!

He and I were similar, especially in that we both loved the water! I started yachting when I was 8 and spent all my free time on the water. Time passed, but my love of the water and sailing remained. So when we decided to get a dog, I knew for sure I wanted one that was water friendly. After studying hundreds of pages of the Internet, I realized that it's a Portuguese Water Dog. It is hardy, well-trained in the water, very loyal, smart and fun, and gets along with children.

Even though there are about 10 million dogs in England, it is very difficult to find a puppy. Especially when you want a puppy of a rare breed, of which only about 200 are born a year in England. Especially at lockdown, when the demand for puppies has gone up to 400%. But I made up my mind, I wanted just this dog and decided that I would look until I met "my" puppy. We ended up bringing India from Portugal, as it is the birthplace of these dogs and Portuguese know how to raise and work with these dogs.

I've always had dogs and over the years I've probably tried every feeding option. Without knowing the basics of nutrition, it's easy to get caught up in the great marketing of some companies. Especially when that marketing is organized by American brands that are considered the coolest on the market. Look at McDonald's, for example. Everyone knows it's "not healthy at all," but they promote their brand so well that I'm sure everyone has been to their restaurant at least once in their life. It's the same with pet food. You don't have to believe one advertisement or "what it says on the Internet," but you have to study the issue from different angles, listen to the opinion of professionals and make your own conclusions.

One day I heard the phrase: "Dogs are wolves, and should only be fed raw meat, like wild animals!" I can agree with this, but we should not forget that living next to humans for thousands of years and eating adapted food, the dog as a species has evolved and already differs greatly in both behavior and digestive capabilities from the wild wolf. We should also not forget that in the wild, predators only eat fresh prey, which has fresh blood full of essential micronutrients. Just because purchased meat is raw doesn't mean it's as balanced as fresh prey. Doesn't mean it's free of pathogenic bacteria and parasites. The topic of raw food is very popular right now because it is "more prestigious," more "environmentally friendly," and most importantly more profitable for raw food producers. And the higher the profit margin, the more advertising you see! The topic of gluten intolerance, after in-depth study, 'also turns out to be more of a "marketing" strategy than a really widespread problem for dogs and cats.

I live by the principle of hearing, researching, thinking, drawing conclusions and taking responsibility for my decisions. Always ask questions!"
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